Dining Room


This is a sample menu. Our menu changes according to what is available to us
Beer mash house baked bread with hand churned butter 5
Squid chips with kombu salt 9
Yellow chilli cheese, black mint, sweet potato chips 7
Kangaroo Valley olives with lemon and thyme 8
Anchovies, manchego cheese, brioche toast 9
Macadamias, chilli, butter, sumac 6
Zuni mustard pickles 6
Oysters shucked to order
Natural with lemon and sherry vinegar dressing
Beer battered with fried caper, cornichon and red chilli mayo
 Clair de lune (rock) by Moonlight Flat, Batemans Bay
Pacific by Goodnight oysters, Greenwell Point
 Single oyster 4.50  |  Half drozen 25  |  Dozen 45


Tiradito ora king salmon, tostada, yellow chilli, mushroom soy 20
Wagyu tongue, salsa verde, pickled onions, peas and horseradish 18
Quinoa salad, roast vegetables, feta, yellow chilli and miso dressing 18
BBQ Wagyu heart, chimmichurri, pebre salsa, salmon crackling 18
Balmain bug fritters, goats curd, avocado salsa  22



Pork cutlet, sun dried potato, chimmichurri, chilli kisses 34
Steamed hapuka, yellow curry, coconut, jasmine rice 33
Beer battered monkfish, pickles, tartar sauce, potato scallop, bonito 30
Angus scotch 300g sea urchin butter, fries, frizze 36
Mushroom ragout, sofrito, fried polenta, taleggio 30
Kangaroo orecchiette, fried Brussel sprout, lemon and white anchovies 32

A bit on the side 13

Chips fried in wagyu fat, allioli
BBQ broccolini, anchovy, butter
Heirloom tomato salad, buffalo mozzarella, basil
Potato scallops (2), bonito flakes, cider vinegar

Let us feed you!

6 course tasting menu $60

Our tasting menu changes according to the seasons, but here’s a little taste…

House baked bread with hand churned butter
Kangaroo Valley olives with lemon and thyme
Ceviche blackfish, roast corn, sweet potato, salt brick
Wagyu short rib tortellini, rocket, lemon, jus
Pan fried spangled emperor, buckwheat noodle, seaweed salad
Mushroom ragout, sofrito, fried polenta, taleggio
Meyer lemon curd tart with local cream