Wharf Rd Chef David Campbell

The Chef

Chef and restaurateur Dave Campbell’s career has been one filled with landmark establishments and pedigree operators. As a chef, Dave has worked with trailblazers in modern Asian cuisine including Neil Perry at Star Grill and Wokpool, Kylie Kwong at Billy Kwong and Tetsuya Wakuda, who taught him not only the finer points of being a good chef, but how to operate a high performing business at the same time.

Since then, he has turned successful restaurateur in his own right, opening critically acclaimed establishment The Book Kitchen in Sydney’s Surry Hills with his partner Nicole, before moving on, and south to open modern Asian restaurant Hungry Duck. Situated in the south coast township of Berry, in its four short years of operation, it has already become a highlight of the NSW regional dining landscape.

A champion of local and sustainable produce and restaurant practices, Dave has been consistently awarded recognition for his commitment in publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. He continues to work with local farmers to bring a focus to the importance of knowing how food is produced and the process of its journey to the plate.